Custom Auto Body Shop

Custom Body ShopBody Kits, Fiberglass panels, Flame Jobs, Motorcycle Painting, shaved door handles: We have worked with it all. Customizing your ride is what we do and we do it right. We can modify and customize your ride to what you have envisioned and dreamed.

  • Body Kit Installations
    • Metal, Plastic, Fiberglass, etc

  • Mild Metal Fabrication
    • Deleted Door Handles / Locks / Emblems
    • Suicide Door Installation

  • Color Sanding, Buffing

  • Custom Paint and Body Repair of "Other Toys"
    • Snowmobiles
    • 4 Wheelers
    • Boats
    • Small Tractors (I.E. John Deer, Farmall)

  • Motorcycles - Paint and Body Modifications
    • Gas Tanks
    • Frames
    • Fenders
    • Wheels

  • "We paint anything that can fit in these doors"
    • Metallic and Non Metallic Surfaces
    • Antique Items
    • House Doors
    • Machinery

  • Even Further Customization Is Available
    • Frame and Structural Improvements
    • Inverted License Plates
    • Deleted Rain Gutters
    • Smoked Tail Lights
    • Dream It: We Can Do It!
Minneapolis Custom Body Paint Shop

Minneapolis Custom Body Paint Shop

Minneapolis Custom Body Paint Shop

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Auto Body Tips

What To Do Incase of an Accident
If you are involved in an accident don't make any public statements about who is at fault.

Keep a disposable camera with a flash in your glove box in the event you have an accident. Then take LOTS of pictures!

Keep Your Car Clean
Be sure to remove sand and salt spray as soon as possible from your car to protect your finish.

Tire Pressure
Check Tire inflation at least once a month. Under-inflated tires can result in a loss of fuel efficiency. Don't forget to check the tire pressure of your spare tire!

Proper Car Maintenance
A fouled spark plug or plugged / restricted fuel injector can reduce fuel efficiency as much as 40 recent.

Gain those extra MPG's
For maximum fuel economy, keep your foot steady on the accelerator pedal, staying at a constant speed, typically below 60 mph.

Higher Octane Fuel
Buying higher octane fuel than your car requires will not boost performance on unmodified vehicles, nor will it benefit mileage and efficiency.

Car Heater and The Winter
Unlike A/C in the summer, you can run the cars heater as much as you want in the winter without effecting your mileage.

Car Detailing

Make a habit of detailing your car.  Detail your car regularly and inspect the finish.

Wax Your Car Frequently

You are much better off to wax your car more frequently than to try to apply a heavy coat of wax.